Utah Summer Music Camp

Enrichment 2023

$85 each (includes five sessions of each class)

At our ISSI Utah Summer Music Camp you are able to take regular classes as part of the institute or you may take only enrichment classes. If you are only registering for enrichment classes, the price includes a t-shirt in addition to the $30 ($60 starting 3/1/23) family registration fee.

We suggest limiting classes to 2 per lower level Suzuki student or 1 for intermediate Suzuki students (all classes may not be available during their free hour). Non-Suzuki students signing up for enrichment only may take any number of classes. We encourage you to enroll siblings and tell non-Suzuki families about these opportunities!  **Please note: there are caps on class numbers that we have to adjust manually. Consequently, we will reach out if the class fills before registration closes. In these cases, you can choose another enrichment class or receive a refund if your choice fills**

Please note: Book 2-3 students, ages 11 and up will receive ensemble as their music fundamentals class. You will not be able to add it for them.

Please note: Children under the age of 12 will have to be accompanied by an adult the entire time.

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Enrichment Orchestra 1 (Perpetual Motion-Book 3, Ages 4-8) All String Instruments: 

Taught by Rachel Alvarado, this orchestra class will focus on developing and reinforcing reading fundamentals. Most importantly, no previous music reading experience is necessary. Students in this class will explore reading concepts including pitch and rhythm. Furthermore, they will learn to sightread short tunes as a group. Students will need to bring a music stand – music materials are given out each day.

Pop Music Arranging/Composition with Michael McLean- (Book 6+ students or ages 13+ This class is highly recommended for Advanced String Camp students): 

Learn how to arrange popular music through various compositional methods. A basic knowledge of scales and triads is helpful, but not necessary. From pencil and paper to group-style composing, we will explore how to work with the rudiments of music: melody, harmony and rhythm. Additionally, students will come away with the basics to arrange all their favorites. This class is taught by Michael McLean, an internationally noted composer. Michael’s music has been recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and has composed many award-winning film scores. 

Art (ages 6 and above): 

Taught by Ruth Gledhill. Join this fun workshop designed to help students explore past and present styles of Folk Art. Ruth will introduce the work of Yanitji Tangila Young of Australia and other past artists to inspire the student’s own Folk Art Style Paintings. To clarify, Drawing, Painting and Printing with Mixed Mediums are used. Smocks or extra shirt recommended. 6 years of age and up.

Viola Foundations Class for Advanced Violinists (and Violists!) (ASC students ages 10+) with Daniel Benito Hernandez:

This class is open to all Advanced Violinists and Violists who are interested in learning the basic foundational techniques of Viola. Additionally, we will work to become more comfortable with Alto Clef note reading.  The class will explore scales, technique and staples in Viola repertoire.  Most importantly, the goal of this class is to help develop a strong proficiency in viola and to prepare students for viola opportunities in chamber and orchestral ensembles. Without a doubt, Violists are always in HIGH demand! (If you need to borrow a viola, please reach out to us so we can arrange to have enough) **Please note: This is an 8:00 am class**

Cello Choir (books 5+ and ages 9+) with Melissa Solomon:

Cello choir is a fun opportunity for cellists to experience making music with the unique colors of a cellos-only ensemble! More than just your normal Utah Summer Music Camp, this group will explore multiple genres of music including classical, rock, folk, and more. Unquestionably, strong music reading skills are recommended. **Please note: This is an 8:00 am class**

You Can Ukulele! (ages 9 and above): 

Taught by Sophie Stanley. Ever wanted to learn the chill, relaxing style of the ukulele? Indeed, You Can ukulele! This course covers basic ukulele strumming patterns and chords, and a handful of fun tunes to annoy your parents with! (We will provide Ukulele’s during class time.)

Strings Pop! (Book 3, Ages 10+) All String Instruments:

Tune in, Teens and Tweens, this is for you! StringsPop! classes will teach you how to use your classical chops to make your own pop music arrangements for strings. Jam with friends, make your own music video projects or multi-track recordings from a simple lead sheet of your favorite song.  Furthermore, we’ll discover how to build bass lines, harmony parts, melodic embellishments and percussive elements for pop songs from the last 50+ years. Class projects include live performances, creating our own arrangements, an audio recording project and a final music video to share!


Pre-Twinkle Music and Movement with Emilie Lundberg:

This is a Kodaly-based music and movement class teaching students music literacy, composition, music mapping, and music form through song games and play! This class is a great option for young siblings not enrolled in other courses at ISSI. Similarly, it is suitable for ages 3-6 who have not started lessons.

Beginner’s Pluck (Book 2+ or some guitar experience, ages 10+) with Sophie Stanley: 

Now’s your chance to pick up that guitar you got for Christmas last year! This course covers strumming basic guitar chords, plucking melodies, and reading TAB. Undoubtedly, you can learn how to play ANYTHING with an understanding of chord charts and TABs! (We will provide Guitars during class time.)


Core Enrichments – these are built into your schedules and not an add-on unless you opt for enrichment-only


Explore fiddling in a fun-filled, interactive class!  You’ll try several kinds of tunes, and learn the difference between various fiddle styles. Students will learn all the music by ear in a call-and-response fashion. Learn techniques such as chopping, slides, arrangements, and different bowing styles. No previous fiddling experience needed! You will be placed in a fiddle class with one of our fiddling experts: Matt Brown, Lisa Deakins, Gretchen Grube

Choir (core class – not an extra fee) with Ernesto Garcia Velasco:

Run, don’t walk to this chance to sing broadway classics and popular modern tunes! Students will learn multiple choral pieces in a fun and uplifting environment. Indeed, singing is one of the most important musical abilities that applies to any instrument.


Bucket Band (ages 7+, grouped by similar ages) with Dr. Tia:

This class focuses on musical independence, rhythm, as well as confidence and leadership through music. This is a high energy class where students will learn songs, create music, and have a blast while doing so!


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