ISSI Honors Recital Applications (Due May 1, 2023)

All ISSI Honors Recital applicants must complete the form below. You will need to provide your audition URL on your application. Therefore,  it may be helpful to upload your audition to YouTube or other online media source before you start filling out the form.

ISSI Honors Recital applications are due by May 1.  If you have any questions, please submit them using our contact form here.  If chosen, you will need to attend a rehearsal with your accompanist before the recital.

ISSI Honors Recital
ISSI Honors Recital Application
If you are applying as a member of a group, all group members must be registered for institute. There is a space in the form to list their names.
**We should receive your application immediately after submission. However, if you do NOT receive an automatic email confirmation right away, please email us or resubmit. In short, no confirmation email means we do not have your entry.**

Student Information

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Parent Information

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Private Teacher Information

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Musical Information

All applicants are required to submit an audition URL. In the space above, please paste a link to your audition (for example, youtube, google drive, etc.).

There is no piece requirement, therefore students may submit a polished piece of their choosing.
**We encourage performers to use the ISSI pianist, Dr. Whitney Pizza.**

(If you would like to provide your own accompanist, please provide the accompanist's information here. Otherwise, ISSI will provide an accompanist for you, and you can type "ISSI accompanist" or "no accompanist needed").
**Your submission will come directly to us. However, if you do NOT receive an email confirmation, please email us or resubmit. In short, no confirmation email means we do not have your entry.*