The Fry Street Quartet
CHAMBER DAYS with the Fry Street Quartet

June 13-22, 2024: Program Dates

March 1, 2024: Early Bird Registration Deadline (Use Code: EARLY-BIRD-24)
May 1, 2024: Registration Deadline
Tuition: $995

We encourage pre-formed groups as well as individuals to sign up for Chamber Days  (Violin book 9+, Viola book 6+ Cello book 7+). The program is for students 12 and up; however, if a younger pre-formed group would like to register, please contact us.

*Registration is subject to availablity*

PLEASE NOTE: your spot is not confirmed until we have received BOTH your application and placement video submission.

You will receive a registration confirmation within 48 hours of submission. If your instrument is full, we will notify you within 48 hours and put your name on the waiting list.

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Robert Waters and Rebecca McFaul, violins
Bradley Otteson, viola
Anne Francis Bayless, cello

Program Details
  • Chamber Days is for Young Artist Program students 12 and older who would like an additionally rigorous chamber music program. Print your additional Young Artist Program performance class sheet music and learn prior to ISSI.

Students who would like a more extensive experience with chamber music are invited to enroll in Chamber Days. Only 32 Young Artists can participate in Chamber Days – eight string quartets. Enroll early, as it is on a first come, first served basis, as well as age and level to complete well-matched quartets.

Chamber Days is an intense and focused experience for the entire institute, with participants working with the members of the Fry Street Quartet throughout. For the first three days, all groups receive two coachings a day with members of the FSQ, have two independent rehearsals, enjoy lunch all together, and participate in master classes, seminars, and performances. These same quartets continue with daily coachings and rehearsals during the second week of ISSI. This is a phenomenal chance to work with a world-class performing and teaching ensemble!

Price includes the second week Young Artist Program, coachings and rehearsals, lunch for the first three days, master classes, Fry Street Quartet seminars, performances opportunities, and more!

Thursday, June 13th

  • 8:45am-9:15am: Registration
  • 9:30am: Welcome Meeting
  • 4:00pm: Day Concludes

Friday, June 14th 

  • 10:00am-4:00pm: Classes

Saturday, June 15th

  • 10:00am-3:00pm: Classes
  • 3:00pm: Week 1 Performance (friends + family invited)

Sunday, June 16th



Placement Video Submission (Due within 72 hrs of submitting registration)

All participants are required to submit a video recording of two contrasting works, as well as a list of prior chamber music works studied (if any). Note that these additional materials are due when registering, or within 72 hrs of submitting your registration – registration will be cancelled and spot offered to next person on waiting list if video isn’t submitted within 72 hrs.

Please use this form to submit your video.