Chamber Days with the Fry Street Quartet

$885 (January-March 31st) 

$970 (Starting April 1st if space is available)

June 16-25, 2023

We encourage pre-formed groups as well as individuals to sign up.  (Violin book 9+, Viola book 6+ Cello book 7+)

Students who would like a much more extensive experience with chamber music are invited to enroll in Chamber Days. Only 32 students will be allowed to enroll – eight string quartets. Only Advanced String Camp students will be able to participate in the seminar. Enroll early, as it is on a first come-first served basis and level ability to complete the quartets.

Price includes coachings and rehearsals, lunch for the first three days, master classes, Fry Street Quartet open rehearsals and performances, group discussions, and more!

Participants will be assigned to a string quartet that meets together for ten days. For the first three days, all groups will receive two coachings a day with members of the Fry Street Quartet, a chamber music seminar with Michael McLean, as well as rehearse twice a day. These same quartets will continue on with daily coachings and rehearsals during the second week of ISSI.

Chamber Days will be a more intense and focused experience for the entire institute, with participants working exclusively with the members of the Fry Street Quartet throughout. FSQ will be teaching solo master classes for all seminar participants during regular Institute week.  There will also be additional independent rehearsal times for all groups for the duration of Institute. This is a phenomenal chance to work with a world-class performing and teaching ensemble!


Robert Waters and Rebecca McFaul, violins

Bradley Otteson, viola

Anne Francis Bayless, cello