Enrichment Classes

$75 each (includes five sessions of each class)

If you are only registering for enrichment classes, the price includes a t-shirt in addition to the $50 family registration fee. 

We suggest limiting classes to 2 per Suzuki student or 1 for intermediate Suzuki students (all classes may not be available during their free hour). Non-Suzuki students may take any number of classes from E1 - E8. We encourage you to enroll siblings and tell non-Suzuki families about these opportunities! Enrichment classes give your child experiences he might not get in any other way.

Please note: Book 2-3 students, ages 11 and up will receive ensemble from Megan Boyle as their music fundamentals class. You will not be able to add it for them.

Please note: Children under the age of 12 will have to be accompanied by an adult the entire time. 

E 41-Enrichment Orchestra 1: (Perpetual Motion to Book three, ages 4-8) This will be a new and fun experience for young musicians. Taught by Danny Gee-Cordova from Texas.

E 42-Enrichment Orchestra 2: (Book 2 and 3 students, ages 9-10) This is a unique experience for students with note reading experience who would enjoy the challenge of learning to play chamber orchestra pieces. Taught by Emmett Drake from Connecticut. 

E 51-American Fiddling: (Book 2-3 students) Taught by Gretchen Grube Rebar. Learn American and Irish Fiddle tunes by ear! This class is geared for Book 2-3 violinists, violists and cellists. Students will learn both the lead and backup parts while learning American and Irish styles of fiddling. We'll discover ornamentation, accompaniment techniques, chopping and more. Grab your fiddle (of any size!) and come explore this exciting and fun style of music!

E61-Composition with Michael McLean- (Book 6+ students and ages 13+. This class is highly recommended for Advanced String Camp students) Learn how to create music through various compositional methods. A basic knowledge of scales and triads is helpful, but not necessary. From pencil and paper to group-style composing, we will explore how to work with the rudiments of music - melody, harmony and rhythm. Students will come away with the basics to create their own music. This class is taught by Michael McLean, an internationally noted composer whose music has been recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and has composed many award-winning film scores. 

E 1-Art (ages 5 and above) Taught by Ruth Gledhill. We're off to the mountains in our vintage campers! Students will use 2D and 3D elements in this fun visit to the past while mixing vintage colors, drawing, painting and collaging their favorite season to go camping! Please bring a smock or large shirt that can get dirty. 

E 4-Music Theater: (ages 10 and above) Taught by Debby Smith.  THIS IS ME! “Come Alive” and light your light!  This music theater class will produce a musical medley of 3 of the most popular show tunes from the hit movie “The Greatest Showman." The class will perform at the end of the week with simple costume props and amazing choreography! Bring from home your basic costume of black bottoms: girls-black leggings/boys plain black dress pants/sweats or work out pants.  (check your local thrift stores) and black tops--long sleeve or short sleeve--just no writing or pictures on the shirt. "I am who I’m meant to be…This is ME!"

E9-Beginning Ukulele: (ages 10 and above) Taught by Jared DayIn this class, students will learn all the basics you need to know to play your favorite songs with your friends and family. You will learn how to read chord symbols and basic rhythm patterns. Students will need own copy of “Kids’ Songs for Ukulele”, available from Day Murray Music the first day of class. Ukuleles will be provided in class for those who would like to borrow one, and ukuleles will be available for purchase if desired. Please bring your ukulele if you already own one. At the end of the week we will be performing a song or two in our classroom in front of your friends and family. Come and join the fun!

E10- Intermediate Ukulele: (ages 10 and above) Taught by Jared DayThis class is for those who already know how to play the ukulele and can transition easily from chord to chord. If you were in last year’s class and practiced through the year, this is the class for you. In this class, we will learn more advanced chords and rhythm patterns. Please bring your own copy of  “The First 50 Songs You Play” to class, available at Day Murray Music the first day of class. Ukuleles will be provided in class for those who would like to borrow one, and will also be available for purchase, if desired. Please bring your ukulele if you already own one. At the end of the week we will be performing a song or two in our classroom in front of your friends and family. Come and join the fun. This class may be held during the lunch period.

E7- Martial Arts: Taught by Ethan Moes. The martial arts teach you how to apply and move your body with grace, efficiency and power. The greatest athletes and artists share a common trait in being wholly present amid incredible tension. Think of a graceful violinist giving a courageous performance with the pressure of thousands of spectators. The martial artist learns that one of the greatest skills is the ability to stay calm, relaxed and present in stressful situations. By studying a martial art you will learn how to breathe, how to move your body with precision and how to have the right mindset in doing so.

E 6-Pre-Twinkle Music and Movement: (ages 3-6 who have not started lessons) Have your child experience music with singing, movement, pitch awareness and coordination activities taught by pre-twinkle specialist, Emilie Lundberg. This class will be a great preparation and be held in the afternoon.