Upper Book Curriculum

Violin Books 4-8, Viola Books 3-5, Cello Books 3-6

$590 (January-April 1st)

$670 (After April 1st if space is available)

Price includes t-shirt in addition to the $50 family registration fee. If you are registering after April 1st, our chamber groups might already be assigned and full. You may email Trina Christensen issisuzuki@gmail.com to check availability. If chamber is full you will get an enrichment class of your choice in its place. 

Each performance class will play on the final concert and should prepare the pieces listed below their registration code before coming to institute.


Five Hour Core - These courses include two Suzuki core classes: master class, performance class, chamber ensemble group, orchestra and fiddling.


V4a - Violin Book 4 - Allison Woerner

Students who have learned the Seitz concerti in Book 4


V4b - Violin Book 4 - Brook Moes

Students who have learned Concerto in a minor, 1st mvt. by Vivaldi


V4c - Violin Book 4 - Danny Gee-Cordova

Students who have learned Concerto in a minor, 3rd mvt. by Vivaldi through Concerto in D for two violins by Bach


V5a - Violin Book 5 - Wilfried Van Gorp

Students who have learned Gavotte by Bach and Concerto in g minor, 2nd mvt. by Vivaldi


V5b - Violin Book 5 - Nicolette Solomon

Students who have learned Country Dance through the end of Book Five


V6 - Violin Book 6 - Sylvia Khoo


V7/8 - Violin Book 7 and 8 - William Hagen


Q4/5 - Viola Books 4-5  - TBA


C4 - Cello Book 4 - Zachary Sweet


C5 - Cello Book 5 - Elizabeth Means Mikhael


C6 - Cello Book 6 - Alice Ann O'Neill

Vivaldi Double

Manuel De Falla - Suite Populaire Espagnole: Cancion (all in thumb - sheet music uploaded in piano accompaniment drive folder)