Enrichment Classes

$75 each (includes five sessions of each class)

If you are only registering for enrichment classes, the price includes a t-shirt in addition to the $50 family registration fee. 

We suggest limiting classes to 2 per Suzuki student or 1 for intermediate Suzuki students (all classes may not be available during their free hour). Non-Suzuki students may take any number of classes from E1 - E8. We encourage you to enroll siblings and tell non-Suzuki families about these opportunities! Enrichment classes give your child experiences he might not get in any other way.

Please note: Book 2-3 students, ages 11 and up will receive ensemble from Megan Boyle as their music fundamentals class. You will not be able to add it for them.

Please note: Any child under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian while they are on the premises. 

E 41-Enrichment Orchestra 1: (Perpetual Motion to Book three, ages 4-8) This will be a new and fun experience for young musicians. Taught by Danny Gee from Texas.

E 42-Enrichment Orchestra 2: (Book 2 and 3 students, ages 9-10) The Enrichment Orchestra focuses on developing students' orchestral/ensemble skills.  Special attention is paid to rehearsal skills/etiquette, learning about different roles in the orchestra and working in an ensemble with several different instruments.  Students from all note-reading backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate. Taught by Emmett Drake from Connecticut. 

E 51-American Fiddling: (Book 2-3 violin, viola and cello students) Taught by Taylor Morris. Ever wondered about what it means to be a fiddler? Or even how musicians make music together without knowing what they're going to do before they start? Join fiddler Taylor Morris to explore the awesome fun of fiddling with other musicians. Learn tunes by ear, accompaniment techniques, and even how to improvise on melodies! Open to violinists, violists, and cellists.

E 52-Advanced Celtic/Irish Fiddling - (Book 4-8 violin, viola and cello students) Taught by Liz Davis Maxfield. Grab your fiddle (big or small) and get ready to play an Irish session! We'll learn a bunch of tunes and cover ornamentation, session rules, accompaniment techniques (like chopping and chording), and more. Whether you are new to the tradition or a regular at fleadhs, we'll learn a lot and have some good 'craic'!

E 1-Art (ages 5 and above) Taught by Ruth Gledhill.  Animal Portraits on Canvas in the Art Nouveau Stylized form of Gustav Klimt.  Students will explore ethereal, pattern-rich stylized acrylic painting on canvas, designing and painting their own Animal Portrait. We will use some great Story Books like "Giraffes Can't Dance" and others to stimulate Animal Portrait ideas.  Together we will paint the background on the canvas and then the students will paint their individual animal creations on their canvas in the Avant- Garde Style they create. Please bring a smock or large shirt that can get dirty. 

E 4-Music Theater: (ages 10 and above) Taught by Debby Smith.  “What can I say except "you’re welcome!"  This class is for those who have never acted on the stage as well as those with tons of experience!  We'll be staging a spectacular medley from the captivating Disney film, Moana! "Song of the Ancestors," "We know the Way," "You’re Welcome." I need ensemble as well as solo singers! Come join us for a really fun addition to your ISSI week! Performance dress: shorts; colorful tops! Think Hawaii!!  

E 5-Ukulele: (ages 10 and above) Taught by Jared Day. ISSI is excited to be offering a UKULELE enrichment class for the first time during ISSI 2018! Open to students 10 and older, as well as parents, grandparents and interested siblings, you will learn all the ukulele basics needed to play favorite songs with your friends and family. During this class, we will learn to read both tablature and basic rhythm patterns and all the music you need will be available to purchase at a discount. You can bring your own ukulele, or we can provide them to use in class, with the option to purchase at the end of ISSI. Join us on the last class as we perform a song or two for friends and family. We can't wait to have you join us!

E 6-Pre-Twinkle Music and Movement: (ages 3-6 who have not started lessons) Have your child experience music with singing, movement, pitch awareness and coordination activities taught by pre-twinkle specialist, Emilie Lundberg. This class will be a great preparation and be held in the afternoon.