Advanced String Camp

$610 (January-April 1st)

$690 (After April 1st if space is available)

Includes t-shirt and Tuesday night teen dinner activity in addition to a $50 family registration fee. If you are registering after April 1st, our chamber groups might already be assigned and full. You may email Trina Christensen to check availability. If chamber is full you will get an enrichment class of your choice in its place. 

We encourage anyone wanting a more intensive chamber music experience to also register for Chamber Days which begins on June 14th. You may do so by selecting "Chamber Days" for registration. This core is limited to the first 32 students to register.

The Advanced String Camp is certainly the highlight of our institute for advanced students. Most participants are junior high school and high school students.The camp is for both Suzuki graduates and traditional students who have reached the advanced concerto level. The camp is not a Suzuki program, so traditional students who meet the playing level requirements feel very comfortable participating. 

ASC will include five days which will enable you to have more time in master classes and to perfect your chamber performances and orchestra skills. Social activities will be provided throughout the week with a social on Tuesday night.

Five Hour Core - The Advanced String Camp curriculum includes a master class, chamber group, group performance class and two hours each day of orchestra. The pieces listed below are to be prepared for the group performance class. The performance class is just one part of the overall string camp experience, and many students may be performing more advanced music in their master classes. The purpose of the group performance class is to expand repertoire, create camaraderie and the opportunity to work with the guest artist teachers.

*Note - Be sure that you memorize the pieces listed under the Code (ASCV9, ASCQ5, ASCC7-8, etc.) you registered for.

Violinists who would like to play the viola in their chamber groups, e-mail your request to ISSI Artistic Director Karen Child,

Please note: Any child under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian while they are on the premises. 

ASCV9 -  Violin - Wilfried Van Gorp

For Students who are beyond Suzuki Book 8

Variations on a Theme of Corelli by Kreisler (Fritz Kreisler Collection, Volume 1)

Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14 by Rachmaninoff (Solos for Young Violinists by Barbara Barber, Vol. 6)

ASCV10 - Violin - Sirena Huang

For students currently 7th grade and older who have learned at least two major concertos and been out of Suzuki book 8 for at least one year.

Passacaglia for 2 Violins by Handel-Halvorsen arranged by Heifitz (Lauren Keiser Music Publishing, Edited by Stephen Shipps and Endre Granat)

Czardas by Monti (Solos for Young Violinists by Barbara Barber, Vol. 5)

ASCQ5 - Viola - Rafael Videira

Bach Cello Suite No. 3 Courante and Gigue BWV 1009 (Rowland-Jones - Peters Edition was used for bowings/fingerings or the Watson Forbes - Chester Edition and copy the bowings from ISSI website).

"Caprice" By Christine Donkin  (Order from WORLD PREMIERE OF THIS PIECE AT ISSI!

ASCC7-8 - Cello Books 7-8 - Matthew Zalkind

Gavotte by Popper (Suzuki Book 7)

Cello Choir Piece - To be handed out first day of ISSI

ASCC9 - Cello Books 9+ - Matthew Zalkind

Concerto in Bb, 2nd mvmt by Boccherini (Suzuki Book 10)

Cello Choir Piece - To be handed out first day of ISSI